Ellen Leaf

Ellen Leaf

- CEO, Luxe Bamboo -
"We like to think of bamboo as the Eighth Wonder of the World and now, maybe you will too"

What is the Go! Towel?

- An Eco-Friendly Miracle -

The Go! Towel is an amazing poker-chip sized, Eco-friendly 100% pure bamboo fiber “pop-up” towel. It is biodegradable, compostable and worm bin safe.

The Go! Towel is manufactured in an ISO 9000 certified factory, which has achieved the gold standard in safe, organic processing by the Zurich based, OEKO-TEX testing authority.

The Go! Towel is produced in the most environmentally friendly process, referred to as the Lyocell or “closed loop” process. This process has been praised for being more sustainable than other commonly-used chemical processes. Lyocell shares many properties with other cellulosic fibers such as cotton, linen, ramie and rayon. The N- methylmorpholine-N-oxide chemicals used in the Lyocell process are non-toxic and are safer for humans. During production, 99.5% of the chemicals are captured in a closed-loop container and are recyclable. Minimal amounts of the chemicals are released to the atmosphere, waste water and products.

Why Bamboo?

- Because It's Environmentally Friendly -
Eliminates CO2
Bamboo generates 35% more oxygen than an equivalent grove of trees taking in five times more greenhouse gasses.
Renewable Resource
Bamboo is a quick growing grass and unlike trees does not need to be replanted when harvested. It grows new shoots from its roots.
Bamboo is good for the Eco-system as it does not require pesticides and fertilizers.
Panda Safe
There are over 1200 varieties of bamboo. The Go! Towel is manufactured from Moso bamboo, which is not the variety Pandas eat.